Tropical Island Paradise

This is the type of vacation wonderland that I’ve always wanted to enjoy. Being able to stay for an extended time in this tropical setting is something that has inspired me.

I’ve never owned a sailboat but would love to have a 20- or 40-footer setting out in the water ready to sail around the islands and the open ocean. My family and I lived on the island of Bermuda for three years and loved every minute of it. Too bad we didn’t own a boat then as we could have sailed around the island instead of driving at 25 mph.

Come join me in this tropical paradise!

In Bermuda, an island has been defined as any body of land in the Atlantic Ocean capable of supporting a single tree’s growth. I would say this tiny island qualifies. What about you?

An Island is Any Land Mass Supporting the Life of a Single Tree

Navigating these waterways is an enjoyable experience. Having spent 20 years in the US Navy has given me the desire to spend quality time at sea alone or with a loved one. Being outside the site of land for weeks at a time is something I could get used to. What a time to catch up on reading, and, with today’s technology and satellite Internet, what else does anyone need?

Main Island Structure

The mainland sets itself apart from the smaller island structures. The number of trees supported by the larger islands is far greater and more abundant.

I Could Live on This Island for the Rest of My Life

Come to the tropical island paradise and stake out your claim for a home worthy of a King. You could own your own island and your nearest neighbor would be well beyond your reach.

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