Intelligence & Slime Mold

Heretofore, scientists have associated intelligence with advanced multi-celled organisms which have developed so-called brains. The common misconception in the field of biology and other scientific fields has been if an organism does not possess a brain–regardless of how primitive–then it cannot be expected to possess any tangible level of intelligence. Now, recent research into a …

Posting images with a Gallery

A mosaic gallery of images is a wonderful thing to share. In the photos below, find some of the images used throughout this website. Mosaic Gallery Square Tiles The photo below is of a vacation site displayed in full-width images.

Posting Vimeo Videos

Not only can you see 4K UHD and HD videos from YouTube on my channel but from time to time I will be posting videos captured from Vimeo. The video above is a 4K video of Fjordlapse Norway. Let me know if you like it.